Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thoth and hieroglyphs : what is the link ?

Thoth1 was (among others) the god of writing and knowledge.

The ancient Egyptians believed that Thoth gave them the gift of hieroglyphic writing.

In mythology, Thoth was regularly the scribe2 for other gods.

It is enough to consider the tools of the scribe associated in Thoth (and his representation) : the calame and the writing palette.

During the last dynasties, the profession of scribe passed under the protection of Thoth.

He was often considered as responsible for "divine" documents and was named as “lord of divine words,” or in other words, the hieroglyphic writing system. 

He masters all the aspects of the Egyptian language as well as its evolution.

Thoth was viewed as the god who controlled knowledge. This knowledge will be worth to him a big respect. 

He controls all the sciences : it knows everything and understands everything - That is why it invented the hieroglyphic writing.

The ancient Egyptians thought that the knowledge had been passed on to them by "books" which Thoth had voluntarily abandoned in temples - a gift for human beings.

However by its presumptuous behavior and he excess high opinion of him even agage the other gods (who do not miss to him to point out it to him).

Saying that nobody is exempt from humility in particular the Egyptian gods !

As scribe and divine clerk of the court, he participates in the various rites - The use of hieroglyphs is naturally rigorous.

1 The name "Thoth" seems to be a short version of his real name - Greeks who conquered Egypt found easier to pronounce it in this way - "Tehuti" or "Djehuty" in ancient Egyptian.


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