Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Introduction of Old Kingdom Corpus

This Corpus has for first objective to give on this blog, a list of "forms" representing important characters having lived during the Old Kingdom.

These characters had the big privilege to be able to build a funerary monument (accessible privilege only in certain categories of the Egyptian society of this period) or leave a material track that the history did not forget.

Every "form" will contain enough information 
(descriptive, funeral, family, architectonic, titulature, ...) so that we can obtain a global view of the described character.

This information can be updated either by the author of the "form", or by your comments.

This project wants to be evolutionary then not to hesitate to enrich it by your knowledge.

To establish one such Corpus is not easy thing, of this fact it was decided to approach it by "entity" (for example : the i
nterred characters in a necropolis).

This approach should facilitate the construction of the corpus.

The second objective of this new project is to be able to select "forms" of this Corpus on certain criteria to make links on a given theme (example : all the characters who have a title in particular).

This objective can be reached by indexing every "form", to store these indexes in a database and to develop and make accessible an computing tool (multi-search engine - criteria).

The first "entity" on which we are going to be interested is the site of GIZA.

The necropolis of GIZA is a vast necropolis used mainly during the Old Kingdom.

own work created in Inkscape. Windrose made by Brosen -  MesserWoland 

We distinguish four main cemeteries in this necropolis, the east cemetery, the western cemetery, the south cemetery and the central cemetery.

We are going to be interested in the important characters (and numerous) of this site.

That the adventure begins..

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