Saturday, October 27, 2012

Average App Store Review Times

This site is very interesting for all Apple developers :

It is necessary to take into account this duration between the submission and the publication of your application on MacApp Store (useful to plan).

I noticed too that during the submission of an update under OS X, it is necessary to count on average a few days only.

Before any submission (to save time and to avoid to submit a new update): verify that all the features of your application which are accessible (by buttons for example) run correctly.

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The visibility of your software on MacApp Store !

When I put down Hiero on MacApp Store, i very fast noticed the difficulty being visible on MacApp Store.

When your software is activated, there is in the main list (limited to some tens of softwares) of his category.

But this list evolves : new softwares are activated and little by little your software finds itself "drop out".

At the end of rather short time (a few weeks concerning Hiero), it does not appear any more in this main list.

It can appear or in the list of the free softwares or in the list of the commercial softwares.

These 2 lists show only the "top" list of the softwares. The criteria of these lists are different but the number of downloads stays an important criterion.

How to increase the number of downloads1 if you are not visible ?

This is some principles who can help you :

1/ Keep in mind the principle that you have to take care of the "promotion" of your software : MacApp Store will make a minimum ! 

Put in place a "strategy" of communication and marketing, even for free softwares. The promotion of a free software can be also difficult as a commercial software.

2/ The use of Social Networks is more and more important.

Choose the social network which will correspond at best to your "promotion" but be realistic : to create a list of contacts takes time !

You certainly have to "promote" your software but you also have to bring some contents and/or quality information to your network. If it is not respected, you risk to be to consider as a spammer...

3/ The use of Review / Dowload Sites is recommended.

You can subject your software to several Review Sites. If they agree to draft and to publish an form on your software (especially if your software obtained a nice notation), it is very likely that Internet users will visit your site and can be will download your software.

You can also join on certain sites of download (for OS X softwares) - but attention it is important that these sites accept (policy of submission) that you write a download URL towards MacApp Store (generally a preview web page which launches MacApp Store which will display your application form).

4/ Make a Blog.

The users of your software must be able to make comments. Do not hesitate to communicate around your software in particular on aspects not informed in the documentation of the user.

It is recommended that you register your blog towards blog diaries.

5/ Develop and publish new versions of your software.

Your software must be "active" on MacApp Store - define a frequency of updates of your software.

Important : a new version of your software does not mean a better positioning in the list of the applications !
-- It increases only the number of updates --

I hope that it is some advices will allow you to manage at best your promotional starting up of your software.

1 number of downloads = number of softwares which are installed + number of updates

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Welcome !

Welcome to everybody,

The objective of this blog is to discuss around domains of the Egyptology.

A passionant subject !

  • The first field of study of this project : The Hieroglyphs - the corresponding computing tool : the HIERO software (which can be downloaded on MacApp Store). 
It is a WYSIWIG, fun and free software. You can make remarks / comments about it - do not hesitate to use this blog or the MacApp Store for this.

By developing this software, certain met computing problems can be the object of articles - by writing these articles, i wish to share the solutions found and applied to resolve the problems.

  • other one field of study is in preparation : the establishment of a Corpus on the Old kingdom
This blog will be the support for the items of the Corpus - the other tools (in particular a multi-search tool - based on criteria) are for the study.

They will be probably accessible by the other means. I would inform you of the progress of this new sub-project.

I am anxious to thank you in advance for your loyalty. If you appreciate (or will appreciate) this blog, say on Web !

Good reading,

Fabrice MAUPIN

Passionate person for Egyptology and Computing