Saturday, May 4, 2013

Others titles in relationship with a royal funeral complex

We considered the evolution of the titles ḥm-nṯr et wˁb.

Let us interest we in some titles which have a relationship with the management of a royal funeral complex.

ḥrj - sštȝ

This title can be translated by "Chief of the Secrets". It seems to appear before the middle of the 5th dynasty. 

With the reform of Nuserre, this title disappears. 

In certain regions (example : GIZA) the application of this reform was delayed.

jmj-r njwt

This title has a relationship with the administration of the cities of pyramids / royal funeral complexes.

It appears during the 4th dynasty and seems to disappear during the first intermediate period.

To note that during reign and the reform of Nuserre, this title disappears on the principle but there is a continuation in the initial application of this title for the complexes of kings previous to Nuserre.

Certain titles from Nuserre could be (at least in the spirit) a equivalent shape of jmj-r njwt.

Example :

sḥḏ  + pyramid (from Teti to first intermediate period)

Unfortunately, we have too little information on certain titles (as mtj n zȝ, zš n zȝ,  Smsw hȝjt) to be able to encircle a chronology and reliable evolution.

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