HIERO is a help software for the transliteration of hieroglyphs.

You can download HIERO on the MacApp Store.

It allows in a simple and friendly way ("WYSIWYG") to write a hieroglyphic sequence.

Just a little in the style of a scribe who is going to write hieroglyphs on a papyrus and so is going to compose its text.

Example of a hieroglyphic sequence in main window (papyrus) of HIERO

Having written this sequence, HIERO is automatically going to analyze it.

The analysis is going to allow to know (mainly) the grammatical structure of the sequence, its phonetic reading, its transliteration as well as the list of used signs.

For more informations about features of HIERO, please consult the User Guide (available in the "Help" menu of HIERO or in the "Resources for HIERO" Tab of this site).

The RoadMap

The objective is to implement numerous new hieroglyphic features and to enrich lexicographical lists.

The work is simply colossal but in how much interesting and fascinating !

Things are gradually going to be made according to the putting in production of new versions of HIERO.

Why this objective ? to allow (later) HIERO to be capable of proposing a sketch of "translation" of a sequence.

It is not possible to give a complete, definitive "translation" of a sequence. The professionals of the Egyptology very often make a proposal of "translation".

HIERO will not claim to be able to supply a "reference translation" (what is very difficult !) but will have the capacity to supply a sketch which will help (i hope for it) to make a proposal of "translation".

I encourage you to follow closely the evolution of HIERO which should in a rather close future propose beautiful and interesting things.

Useful informations

Please consult regularly this Facebook Page for more informations about news and works of HIERO.

If you wish to display tutorials of HIERO, click here.

To make remarks or comments, please contact me at hiero.project@gmail.com